Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Microsoft Excel Changed The World

Microsoft discontinued PerformancePoint Planning, and the roadmap looks a bit blurry for Analysis Services.  Data Mining is going to the cloud, and Reporting Services will most likely be integrated permanently into Sharepoint.  Sharepoint could go to the cloud, leaving Excel on the desktop (or in the cloud) to take over the full suite of BI responsibilities at Microsoft.

An interesting article about the humble beginnings of Excel, the world’s most ubiquitous BI tool, on its 25th Anniversary.

As for Excel, Klunder still considers it a powerful tool. But he harbors no illusions about how it can be abused. “It’s the same thing with PowerPoint—Excel lets things look professional, and people assume there’s substance behind it.”

How Microsoft Excel Changed The World

And my favourite uses of Excel:

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