Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Great how-to for PPS 2010 Sharepoint dashboards

We have been creating reports or dashboards with different types of technologies including PerformancePoint 2007 for seeing the insight of the business. Those who have used PerformancePoint 2007 know how it supports creating dashboards with various components like scorecards and reports. Now it has been further enhanced and fully integrated with SharePoint 2010. The PerformancePoint 2010 allows us to create rich, context-driven dashboards that show the business in every angle.

This post discusses the way of configuring the PeformancePoint 2010. Let’s try to discuss the way in step by step with relevant images but limiting, as it makes the post lengthy. This post does not discuss about configuring SharePoint 2010. If need, have a look on below posts;

Dinesh's Blog :::: Being Compiled ::::

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