Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to speed up the All up BI VPC 6

Take out the cubes.  Any cubes that you do not want to demo or try out,

1. From a command line (or with services console) NET STOP MSSQLSERVEROLAPSERVICE

2. Create a new directory called data2 and copy files/directories below into the directory from data directory.

3. Rename the data directory to data_backup.

4. Rename the data2 directory to data.

5. Start up Analysis Services.


Because it is not precaching anything, I noticed a huge improvement in loading the service and connecting to AS.  No more all-consuming memory bloat.

This is good if you would like to use the All Up BI VPC with your own demo data and have no interest in the samples provided.

If you need any of the sample database, copy the directories and xml associated to them back in with above steps.

If you're building PerformancePoint Planning models for training purposes it should speed up the deployment immensely.

Learn, Build, Grow...the future of BI: BI VPC 6 now available

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