Friday, May 23, 2008

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ProClarity Dashobard & Analytics Server - Hierarchy Override

Got another undocumented feature for you, Hierarchy Override in PAS.  I heard that there is a whitepaper out in the community somewhere but I was not able to find it. 

I am working on a ProClarity dashboard and wanted to pass the dashboard parameter values down to the analyze links in each view on the dashboard.  There is an advanced feature in the dashboard product that lets you do hierarchy overide through the Dashboard Studio GUI but that only applies to the actual view and not the Analyze URL.  So I needed a way to do hierarchy override in the URL and pass down the current parm value.  The answer is the undocumented S node.  Let's say that we want to return the children of the selected parameter.  The syntax would look something like this:
The "ProductParm" before ":xml" is the name of the dashboard parameter.  The key to this syntax is the H attribute.  You must specify which attribute hierarchy the MDX Set logic applies to.  The whole purpose of the "parameter:xml" syntax is to make sure the selected value is properly encoded for both XML and HTML (primarily deals with the ampersand characters in the member names).

Thanks to Jason Picker from Microsoft (ProClarity) for the help on this one.

Dan Meyers' - BI Blog: ProClarity

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