Friday, April 18, 2008

Norm's PerformancePoint Server Blog - New Whitepaper on Performance with PerformancePoint Planning



"Microsoft® Office PerformancePoint™ Server 2007 was designed as an infrastructure that includes everything between the server client tier and the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases and SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services cubes. It includes a run-time environment, APIs, scripts, configuration files, administrative functions, and a management console interface.

"This document describes the results of tests to measure scalability of Planning Server. The results of the tests confirm the following:

· Planning Server supports large numbers of business users, even when deployed on a conventional configuration consisting of four physical servers.

· Planning server performs well when additional server resources are added.

· Planning Server asynchronous implementation enhances performance and scalability.

"The test scenario described a typical corporate planning budgeting cycle with one data entry model. It had a large data set and was designed to provide unique security for a large number of users to ensure each component’s caching engine was working effectively."

Norm's PerformancePoint Server Blog

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