Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Andrew Fryer's Blog - The Cockpit


Flying as I mentioned in my last post is a difficult business,  If you have ever seen the flight deck of a modern aircraft it's a daunting array of instruments and switches with no obvious sense to them.  The screen grab above is just from a little light aircraft and even this looks confusing.  However an experienced pilot will concentrate on just six instruments and I have magnified and numbered these :

  1. How fast you are going (airspeed indicator)
  2. The orientaton of the plane in the sky (artificial horizon)
  3. How high you are (altimeter)
  4. How the plane is turning (bank indicator). This is how a pilot can turn the plane tightly while you don't notice and your coffee doesn't end up over the next passenger.
  5. Which direction you are going (compass)
  6. Whether you are going up or down (vertical speed indicator)

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