Thursday, August 23, 2007

CTP4 just released

We recently installed CTP4 Planning and are testing the version now.  

One tidbit - if the matrix rerenders every time data entry is performed in Excel - Click on options and turn off Auto Recalculate, or turn off the Auto Recalculate icon on the ribbon.

I noticed the Proclarity Community forums are being taken offline and it is now recommended to use the Analysis Services 2005 forums for Proclarity questions.  Looks like the migration path and new installs will be focused on Performance Point 2007.


This will be the last CTP release before the product launches.

More information on launch later this week. I know a couple of you have been awaiting this. I've had some calls this week saying, "you said CTP4 was going to be available this week - I need to know exactly when".

Well it's arrived.

Check it out here

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