Friday, August 29, 2008

Sacha Tomey's blog – PPSCMD GUI

Sacha was kind enough to link to some of my posts from the Train the Trainer sessions in Denver.

He has published a simple GUI for the PPSCMD command.

Looking for some automation of jobs from here too and the undocumented commands.

PerformancePoint Server 2007 PPSCMD GUI

I've built a really simple GUI for a couple of commands of the PPSCMD utility.  I always take far too long to work out the syntax and navigate to the appropriate directory (Yes, I ought to update the PATH environment variable) that I felt I could justify building a simple front end to help speed up the usage.

So far I've only implemented the MIGRATE and REPROCESS commands - I use these quite a lot outside of any automated SSIS package so they seemed the most sensible to implement in the GUI first.  I do intend on extending it to encompass some of the other commands and I would welcome any feedback towards prioritisation, usage, features and the inevitable bugs.  It's currently version 0.1 and more or less ready for 'Community Preview' - there are some omissions such as full error handling and validation that I do intend on implementing over time along with the other commands.

It's a .NET 3.5 application so you will need to deploy it to a client where you are happy to install .NET 3.5 if it's not already present.

You can download version 0.1 from here - (You will need to create a login first)

Sacha Tomey's blog

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